Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not the Dessert Part of Life

Lest anyone think everything is all peaches and cream around here. I will dispel that myth. As Mike said last night, "It's just life." I know that, but sometimes I wish it wasn't.

I don't like that on Monday we had to spend $550 to repair one car. Before we even picked it up from the shop, our other car broke down too. Mike declined to even tell me the repair cost for the other vehicle--I think he was worried about my mental ability to handle it. And there is no choice about fixing it--it's the only one all 649 of our children can fit in together.

While visiting the dentist yesterday with Megan, I was told that the previous visit with another child in which 4 cavities were filled was SIX days before the insurance waiting period and they denied paying it. Someone dropped the ball on the phone call I had made-but someone else's misunderstanding-and my lack of double checking is to the tune of $660.

On the heels of the last 12 months and for a landscaper in February, those are some pretty big costs.

I have a child who can not seem to find a group of friends that aren't back-stabbing and mean.

Not to mention the lack of working vehicles, a family to care for and other appointments and commitments has made me unavailable to support a dear friend in the throes of some serious life events. All I can do is stay home and text and pray.

I have another child who requires extra parent assigned homework each night to master a specific math concept.

I have another child who I am beginning to wonder maybe has emotional issues that prayers and love alone aren't solving--and perhaps it is time for professional intervention.

And then there are always far more personal goings-on and the not so personal goings-on that are just the everyday unpleasant stuff that aren't going to find their way into blogosphere.

It is no wonder that yesterday afternoon, while Mike had the two little boys for a few hours, instead of doing anything productive, I climbed into bed and read a book. By dinnertime when Mike returned, he threw off the blankets and told me I had to get out of bed. I told him I quite liked the idea of laying in bed depressed, but he insisted I do otherwise.

I got out of bed and was dropped off at a crowded restaurant to stand in line to pick up dinner. While there, a friend called to tell me her mother-in-law's death is imminent.

It isn't just me.
Life isn't easy for anyone.


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