Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Once Upon a Time

I'm in the middle of a big organization project. (Which will be a whole post in itself. I'll be needing some feedback.) I found this old gem of a photo in a container yesterday and found myself staring at it for longer than I probably should have.

Life looks so much simpler! We look so young! Contrary to what this picture looks like, I was not 16 years old in this picture. I was 25! And even though it has only been a little over 12 years since this photo was taken, I feel as though it was a lifetime ago.

(November 1999)

This picture was taken back in the days before I had to question why there was pee all over my bathroom floor and a little boy says, "Because it was dark and I couldn't see the toilet."

...Before homework was put away in a backpack only half done thinking I wasn't going to find out.

...Before we have to turn around and go home because the Science Fair poster wasn't put in the car.

...Before I would ever have a plastic container sitting in my garage with fish in it from the nearby swamp that I am expected to take care of while the owner is at school?!?

...It was back in the day when my house was probably cleaner, my pantry stayed full longer, the noise level was much quieter and the contention almost non-existent.

...It was back in the day before I had the permanent line/wrinkle between my eyebrows that is surely a result of scowling and frowning far too much.

Recently a friend said something along the lines that she is in a bad mood, and maybe it is permanent. At the time I laughed. Except the last few days I'm beginning to wonder the same. This morning as I was less than patient with my children I had the horrific thought that maybe this is not just me having a bad morning, but THIS IS ME!

My poor children.


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