Friday, February 17, 2012


Sorry if that last post was a little bit of a downer. Thanks for the encouragements and kind words. Though this week hasn't exactly been "peaches and cream" there have certainly been a few moments that have caused smiles and laughter. I don't want to forget them.

The other night Ellie needed help with her homework. Luke was also needing assistance with something and everyone seemed to be needing ME, when Mike was sitting right next to me. So I told Ellie to "ask Daddy instead." Her response, "He won't know." Thinking maybe it was a school paper or something he indeed wouldn't know about, I asked her to go ahead and show me. Her question, "Whether 'candy' comes before 'Cupid' when listed in alphabetical order." I'm mildly concerned she thinks Mike wouldn't know that.

On the days I don't exercise first, I put on my bath-robe over my nightshirt while doing the morning routine. I usually end up staying in it until after the kids have left. The other night (being one of those nights) I put on my nightshirt early, and threw my bath-robe over the top while tucking kids into bed. As I walked into the boys' room, Drew turned to Mike laying next to him and pointed to me saying, "Mama's wearing her 'beff-fast' thing." Guess I wear it for breakfast more than I thought...

Sometimes when I read the little boys a book, they fight about which one is going to sit on my lap. I always remind them, "I have a leg for each of you." The other day, while a fight was beginning to escalate, Joshua said to Drew, "That's why she has two legs. There's one for you and one for me." I'm still deciding whether to be proud of him for sharing my lap with Drew or be concerned that he is self-centered to think the ONLY reason God gave me two legs is for him (and Drew).

Drew has progressed in his potty training stage to not always telling me he needs to go and certainly doesn't need me to help him every time to get up on the toilet. However I haven't decided whether to be humored or horrified that instead of STAYING in the bathroom and saying, "Come help me", he crawls around naked on all fours with his bum up in the air to wherever I am in the house and says, "Need wipe me!" I know that is an awful mental picture I've just given all of you, but he's TWO--I can't help but smile.

No. There are no photos to go along with this post. It was too hard deciding which one to include. One of me in my bathrobe? One of my legs? Or one of Drew on all fours?

You're welcome.


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