Monday, February 27, 2012

Too Many Memories in a Plastic Tub

There are a few different parts to all this.

1. My overwhelming project I alluded to the other day is a far too large plastic container with miscellaneous photos in it. You know the kind of photos. The ones that people have either given you, or the ones from the days of "double prints" when you put one in an album and you couldn't quite throw away the duplicates. Or the ones that you did put in the album, but the other 5 attempts at the photo couldn't quite get thrown out either. (Thank heaven for digital cameras now-but even still-don't photos need to be printed out and looked at? Not just stored away on a hard drive?)

2. While visiting with great company tonight, I decided to make the most of my time, and pulled out the big plastic tub to write names, dates and places on the back of photos. Currently, I have a fabulous memory and can remember places, days, people and events very easily when looking at a photo. I want every photo labeled in case one day my memory begins to fade.

3. We all seemed to get wrapped up and distracted by the few hundred photos discarded in the container. As Mike said later, "Id be looking through several photos not really reacting and then all of a sudden one would pop up and I couldn't  help but exclaim, 'Oh yeah!!!'" Oh the memories.

Until about 4 years ago, I was really good about photo albums and/or scrapbooking. But even back then a lot of the everyday stuff didn't quite qualify for a whole scrapbook page to itself, and sometimes not even a slot in a photo album. At the time it may have been "cute" even "funny." But I guess I didn't really realize how "big" some of these everyday moments would one day seem.

You know the whole, "Enjoy the little things in life, one day you'll back and realize they were the big things."

And that is where my stress has come in with this big plastic tub.

There are literally scores of photos in this tub that have stories behind them. Perhaps the photo is somewhat mediocre, even insignificant to most anyone looking at it--but there was a tender, funny, heart-felt, sentimental story to either me, Mike or both of us.

I was quite surprised this evening after our company left, when Mike referred to the container of photos. He too was feeling somewhat melancholy after reflecting on so many memories that we currently only have recorded in our minds.

Snapping out of his sullen state, Mike wisely suggested, "How about I pick out a "oh yeah" photo each week and you be in charge of recording the memory and/or story behind it? Just think in a year, we will have 52 memories permanently recorded that otherwise may get forgotten."

What wisdom! Even though it is essentially adding one more thing to my 'to-do' list each week, it is at the same time clearing out a "stress" from my mind too.

A win-win for everyone.

I'm reminded of a fact I read somewhere recently referring to journal keeping:

"If you wrote one sentence everyday for 5 years, you could capture over 1,825 memories."

Time is passing way too quickly. There is so much I have to remember so watch out. Memories and yesteryear photos coming soon.

Because really-who wouldn't want to hear the story behind this bad hairstyle of mine?
Remember we lived in England, t-shirts from Utah were cool.


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