Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nostalgic Playing

The other day I picked my boys up from playing at my parent's house. Joshua and Drew had a little "Town Mat" spread out with Hot Wheels cars arranged just so on it. Our need to leave seemed too premature to my boys, and so to accommodate a more timely departure I asked permission for us to borrow the mat for a couple of days.

Oh boy has it been a big hit!

It isn't that I'm really a big fan of Hot Wheels cars. And it certainly isn't the fact that I love getting down on my stomach and making "vrmm vrmm" sounds. It's the fact that I remember distinctly playing with this mat (that my mother made!) for hours as a child.

I loved the church that had a roundabout close to it, just as ours did.
 I loved the shops she chose to use that were shops we frequented.
I love the houses that as a child I thought nothing of because that's how houses were where I lived, but made Joshua ask, "Why are all the houses stuck together."
I love the school that is remarkably similar to my Alma Mater, Cheam Park Farm Junior School.
I couldn't help but tear up slightly as I "vrmm-ed" little cars around it with my children the other day. In a weak moment of nostalgia I committed myself to making one for Drew for his 3rd birthday. With landmarks, icons and store-fronts that he will hopefully remember one day as fondly as I do this one.

"Nana's mat" that Drew affectionately named it has been returned to its home in my parent's "sleepover room". I won't be shy about admitting that I'm hoping this sentimental spiel will convince my parents to make any necessary adjustments to their legal will stating that I should be given highest priority in receiving this mat at the appropriate time. It needs to be with someone that will love it, protect it and care for it.

I know I'm the right person. I can see me now having the same conversation about roundabouts and attached houses in 30 years with my grand-kids that I had the other day with my kids.

How's that for stirring up a little family drama?


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