Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Animal Kingdom

I have mentioned more than once that animals really aren't my thing. Mike and I agreed very early on in our marriage, (if not before) that we would be a "no pet family."

With the exception of the occasional goldfish that has sat on our counter for a day or two, I like to think I (we) have somewhat stuck to our early commitment.

Then the 4H project started last spring and along came Hank the goat. Except you all know how that went--Luke fell in love with Hank and he didn't meet his demise at the county fair. Well then along came Daisy the rabbit because she needed a new home, and then because we were known as "animal people" Luke gained 4 chickens last fall and of course a girl goat.

I'll add in here that none of these animals reside on my property. How did I luck out with that? The long and short of it: kind neighbors.

Here we are well into spring. Hazel (the girl goat) didn't ever have her babies. Finally I convinced everyone to listen to ME the NON-ANIMAL person, to look at all the non-pregnancy signs and accept that Hazel giving birth to babies wasn't going to happen.

It actually broke my heart to tell Luke, but he took it very well.

I think it was my broken heart that responded to Luke's scout leader's Facebook status a few weeks ago that he needed to find a home for his five chickens. I wasn't too thrilled after we committed to them when Luke informed me they would have to live in our garage for a few weeks before they were big enough to join the other chickens.

As if 5 chickens in my garage wasn't enough, less than a week after getting the chickens, Luke, (while at a store with Mike) couldn't pass up the 99 cent chick sale and came home with a baby chick each for Megan and Ellie.
I now have 5 semi-baby chickens and 2 baby chickens in my garage and it stinks.

I'll admit, I have had unkind thoughts to everyone involved.
I have now not so kindly informed Luke that the chickens will be evicted this Saturday and will need to relocate to the chicken home across the street.

And even though it may seem somewhat ambiguous to say whether or not my "no pet commitment" has been abided by, I like to think I have kept my end of the bargain.

Mike on the other hand, has not.
I blame him.


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