Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Five at Last

It seems Joshua has been waiting to turn 5 forever. It is finally here! We have a weird habit around here of not feeling "the right age" until the minute you were born has been recognized on your birthday. I think it is actually Ellie that stared and enforced this rule. (Okay, maybe it has something to do with the special circumstance for my 32 hour birthday.)

Nonetheless, Ellie was thrilled that by the time we woke up this morning Joshua was OFFICIALLY five and all festivities were legitimate.

Although the photo doesn't quite capture it, I loved the look on Ellie and Joshua's face as Luke wheeled in Joshua's birthday present. I absolutely love when my kids get so excited for each other.

Why I didn't take the camera downstairs and outside with me while Joshua wheeled around on his new bike at 7:30am probably had something to do with me in my bathrobe not wanting to bring too much attention to myself.

Joshua was thrilled to take cupcakes and head off to pre-school and I was thankful to have one less person in the background while working on his "Lightning McQueen Racecar Number 5 cake" he requested. It's nothing fancy. But that's what I'm resigning myself to.

As for Drew.
Well yeah-I had to make a slight compromise for taking his Lightning McQueen and Mater toys for the cake and then telling him no, he could not drive them around on the "track". So I let him eat frosting from the container.

 It's what any good mother would do in those same circumstances, right?

Here's hoping the cake survives until 4pm today.
Happy Birthday Joshua!


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