Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lighter Side of Vegas

When my sister-in-law Kristin decided to drive from St. George to attend the Power of Moms Las Vegas Retreat with me I was thrilled! A few days beforehand, my brother James decided to come along for a little trip too.

What fun!
What laughter!
What memories!

I wish I could tie all our funny memories and experiences into an eloquently worded essay-but I can't and won't. Instead I'll just record them as I remember them and hope they'll provide moments of laughter in years to come.

After my plane landed at the Las Vegas airport, I mistakenly thought James and Kristin were picking me up from the airport in style with a limousine ride. So when I took a wrong turn to exit the airport and found myself amid dozens of limos and then found out I was in the wrong place, I was sorely disappointed. Ah well-nothing like a reality check when I did finally get to them, I opened the car door to find my darling niece in just a diaper, and the whole car smelling like throw-up. (It was obviously a long drive from St. George to Las Vegas for a 2 year old!)

On the bright side, the measurements of Kristin's bum versus mine, landed her the spot in the backseat between the 2 car seats (and the stronger throw-up smell) and not me!

James and Kristin were honored to be introduced to what my children have affectionately named, "The Lady" (my cell-phone's voice activated navigation system). I was delighted that ME, the least technological family member had the most advanced system to navigate us through the streets of Vegas! (You're welcome James and Kristin.)

I was mildly self-conscious that James decided to wear his Utah shirt the day he checked himself and 2 women into a hotel room in Las Vegas. I wish I'd have had a big sign that read, "I AM HIS SISTER NOT HIS 2ND WIFE" but alas I didn't. Let people think what they may.

I loved that after James and I spent 5+ minutes at a local grocery store trying to locate a shopping cart I got over the embarrassment quicker than James did and was able to ask for assistance in locating a cart. Who has  to do that? Obviously me.

It made me smile to realize that James is cheap like me. And even though he wouldn't have been brazen enough to do it, he cheered me on as I sauntered into the local Subway sandwich shop to ask for free mayonnaise to go along with the bread and lunch meat we had just purchased at aforementioned-hard-to-locate-grocery-cart-store.

I thanked my lucky stars that while James sat in the hotel chair holding Annie, she threw up all over him and not on my clothes laid out for Friday night and Saturday that were sitting mere inches away from them both.
I didn't feel quite as lucky however when a few minutes later Megan text me and asked, "Are you enjoying sitting by the pool in the 93' weather?" and I had to respond, "Not doing that exactly--instead I'm walking to the hotel laundry to wash throw up clothes." Granted, James or Kristin could have laundered James and Annie's soiled clothes themselves, but it was a. more preferable than hanging out with my brother in his underwear in the hotel room while Kristin took them, or b. sending him through the hotel resort wearing only his underwear to launder his own clothes. Fortunately James found a pair of basketball shorts and was able to make an emergency trip back to the hard-to-find-cart-store to buy popsicles and gatorade for Annie.

Upon his return, in addition to popsicles and gatorade, James had kindly purchased me a box of Hostess cupcakes, yum! (There are some pure processed foods I LOVE.)  I think the cupcakes were a peace offering of sorts for literally taking care of his dirty work.

Conveniently (for James), he forgot to give the cupcakes to me at the end of the day on Saturday. I hope he thinks of my selflessness in laundering throw-up clothes with every bite he takes of the 7 cupcakes he now has to himself. Thank heaven I thought to at least eat one on Friday night!

I'm not sure Kristin will ever recover from the sight of seeing me upside down in the passenger seat of her car on the strip in Las Vegas. I was trying to subtley make the switch from the backseat to the front on the busy 11pm strip on a Friday night after my friend April had made her exit from the car. Unfortunately the switch wasn't quite so subtle and I'm sure I fit in well with some of the crazies on the strip as I had to open the door to finish my flip. Kristin wishes she'd have had a camera. I am beyond grateful that she didn't.

Kristin and I have a deep sense of gratitude to "The Lady" for safely navigating us through the streets of the not-so-good-parts of Vegas after taking a wrong turn. Our gratitude continued to swell, that despite the low-battery signal on my phone, it lasted until we could safely see the signs of our hotel. A tender mercy indeed! Heaven forbid we'd have had to rely on a voiceless system on her cell phone.

Not sure exactly what happened to Kristin after she dropped me off at the hotel laundry at 11pm that night to retrieve the now clean and dried clothes. After arriving to the hotel room with the pile of clean laundry on one arm and a stack of new bath towels on another, I opened the door to find James and Annie, but no Kristin and Kate. Though Kristin had parked just feet away from our room, she disoriented herself and wandered the resort with a baby carrier on her arm until James guided her back.

I won't tell anyone that she then placed the baby carrier (with baby Kate in it) in the middle of the parking lot while she greeted her fevered 2 year old. Of course I wouldn't even dream of mentioning the fact that James had to ask her to move the baby and the baby carrier from the path of an oncoming car.

I couldn't help but giggle hysterically at 2:55am when a car alarm began blaring just outside our window. Fortunately it didn't last too long (the giggling or the alarm). I'd hate to have been the one to blame for waking up the sick 2 year old or the 2 month old at 3am.

Although my baby brother James isn't necessarily one to frequently tell me how much he loves and adores me as his big sister, his actions speak louder than words. James circled the Las Vegas airport at least 3 times before he dropped me off for my return flight home. James claims he kept missing the turn, and though it caused plenty of laughter, I do think he was secretly sad to be saying goodbye to me so soon and wanted to be with me for a few more swoops of the Las Vegas airport.

If he tells me anything differently, I will not forgive him for forgetting my box of Hostess cupcakes and will demand he give me a box the next time I see him. If he admits that yes that was indeed the reason he circled the Las Vegas airport three times, I will forget he ever forgot the cupcakes.

I love James, Kristin, Annie and Kate! What a fun 31 hour trip to Vegas.


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