Monday, April 9, 2012

A Broken Pen

Let me give a little back-ground...
#1-Mike and I were just retiring to bed on Friday night. Mike was already sprawled out on the bed in front of the television, I was flossing my teeth a few feet away.
#2-Aware of Ellie crying bloody murder down the hall, I ask Mike to investigate. Mike knowing Ellie crying bloody murder is a somewhat regular occurrence opted instead to remain in bed until Ellie came to him.
#3-Ellie appeared in our room and when questioned, "Why are you upset?" replied through tears, "I'm not. It's Luke."
#4-Meanwhile, with dental floss between my teeth I wander out to the doorway and see Luke approaching my room crying. Rarely being one to cry (unless it is time to practice the piano), I take his tears seriously and before I could ask a question, see blood dripping down his knee and leg.
#5-Grabbing a wet rag (dental floss still in place) I cleaned up the dripping blood and notice a small "hole" to the side of his right knee.
#6-Realized the dental floss was clearly in the way and quit flossing.
#7-Mike decides to pop up from his reclined-relaxed-it's been a long week-and-it's Friday night-and-I'm finally-in-bed position to take an active part in parenting responsibilities.
#8-Ellie is crying about her broken pen
#9-Mike immediately decides Luke needs to be seen by a medical professional and while grabbing some nearby shorts declares, "I'll take him."
#10-I disagree
#11-Mike tells me to get a second opinion from a neighbor.
#12-I disagree
#13-Ellie is still crying and upset that when Luke removed the pen from his knee, he threw it.
#14-Mike tells me to go ask a neighbor.
#15-I refrain from reminding Mike about Luke's broken arm 2 years ago and him not taking Luke to a doctor for 36 hours, even making the poor kid set up chairs at the church first. And if he wasn't willing to take Luke to be seen then, why should I have to take him now when the blood had stopped? (for the most part)
#16-Ellie keeps interrupting us and through tears declares it was her "favorite pen" and "now it won't click out."
#17-Joshua enters the room and questions, "Why is Luke sad? It's just a hole."
#18-Neighbors side with Mike. Guess the exposed muscle fat wasn't as obvious to me as it was to everyone else.
#19-I attempt to comfort Ellie by telling her the pen didn't break because Luke threw it, but because of the force of impact and subsequent penetration into his right knee before he removed it and threw it across the room
#19-Mike asks me to take Luke to the ER. Me, in my pajamas (and half-flossed teeth) question one more time if a bandaid will be sufficient instead.
#20-Mike begins to chicken out as he remembers he is not capable of being in the same room as needles and/or blood without becoming the patient himself and asks me again to take Luke.
#21-Ellie is still sniffling when Luke hobbles down the hall with a $1.00 bill in hand and says while handing it to her, "You can buy a new pack of pens with this."
#22-I don't know whether to be horrified that one of my children is so selfish that she's crying while her brother has a puncture wound to his right knee, or touched that one of my children is so selfless that he's clearly thinking of replacing a broken pen when he is about to visit the ER for stitches due to aforementioned broken pen.
#23-I offer to go WITH Mike but not instead of him.
#24-I am mildly self-conscious of the potential for unnecessary judgments about my parenting, while taking a child to the ER for stitches due to a puncture wound to his right leg while wearing a cast on his left arm.
#24-Upon arrival in the ER room, doctor immediately diagnoses it as a puncture wound and declares the need for stitches and possible tetanus shot.
#25-Mike immediately says, "This is the point I make my exit."
And that about wraps up our Friday night. We won't even mention the part about Luke dinking around on Ellie's spinning desk chair and falling onto the floor in the exact spot where Ellie happened to be sitting clicking open and closed her "favorite pen".

So even though this event cost me a later-to-bed than usual Friday night and who knows how much money in co-pays --it's really nothing compared to what Luke has to deal with...

Telling people he fell off a chair and landed on a pen.
Not exactly the experience a tough cowboy kid like Luke wants to be admitting.


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