Monday, April 16, 2012

A Week Late

My favorite holiday is Easter. I love the simplicity of it even though really it is all wrapped up in the most monumental event ever to occur.

When Megan was three years old, we started a tradition to "build up to Easter." We've done it different ways over the years, but the last couple of years it has been simple and easy.

Each day we review the details of the last week of Jesus' life. His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, His visit to the Temple, washing His disciple's feet, the Last Supper, the crucifixion, the days of darkness and of course the glorious resurrection day. We hang the picture on the wall, read a simple descriptive passage and take a challenge that will help us internalize the message.

On Friday, after reading the scripture and showing the picture of Christ's crucifixion, I opted to show a short video of the event. It was a wonderful experience sitting around the computer screen with my five children and see the reverence and respect they showed as they watched. It was obvious each of us--even Drew in his own little way, was touched by the Spirit.

What a glorious holiday.
I decided to take very few photos this Easter. I surmised on Easter morning, I have never once cared that I have no photos of me as a child searching for Easter eggs on Easter morning. So why did I need 43 of my kids doing the ritual? I opted to put the camera down and instead enjoy the scene around me. But then I started feeling horribly guilty that I'd one day have pictures of each child in an Easter morning scene, but none of Drew. So out came the camera again.

Except then I started worrying that the children would one day wonder what the reason was there were no pictures of anyone but Drew on Easter Day 2012.

So I took one last picture and called it good.
Because surely my kids will care to remember nothing more than what the traditional flip-flops looked like they received from the Easter Bunny in 2012.


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