Monday, April 23, 2012

Las Vegas Goodness

Where do I even begin to describe the Power of Moms Retreat I went to this last weekend in Las Vegas? Each time I attend a Power of Moms workshop or retreat, I think that there is no way the next one can be as good as the last. Every time it is. There are so many fabulous mothers in this world!!! I feel so honored and blessed to meet so many of them.
There was an added amount of challenge organizing a retreat from 500 miles away, but with my (new) dear friend Becky planning in Las Vegas, and me from Utah we pulled it off! Becky opened her beautiful home to some 50+ mothers to spend the day learning from each other. I wish I could have spent time visiting with each one individually--there was so much goodness in that room.
(Me, Becky Fife, April Perry)

It doesn't seem to matter how many times I have attended one of these retreats or heard a lot of this great information over and over--each time is unique and there is always something to learn and take-away.

My a-ha moments this time were, "Having enough is as good as a feast" (quoted from Mary Poppins), having "I'd love to" rewards to encourage children to respond that way instead of with rolled eyes and groans, using a "I'm thinking of three things..." game to encourage children to do clean-up and see if they pick up the three things you thought of, being sure to tell my kids when they are doing something that makes me happy, and capturing something joyful in every single day.

I was honored to correspond and arrange with Stephanie Waite (from A Daily Scoop) to be our keynote guest speaker. Wow! What a lady. So much to learn from her. One of my favorite lines of the whole day came from her, "Enjoy motherhood NOW." She has a tragic, yet unique perspective to teach from and I wish I could have spent hours talking with her.
(Me, Stephanie Waite, April Perry)

Of course I loved presenting alongside none other than the April Perry, of Power of Moms and "Your Children Need You NOW" article fame. What  a phenomenal lady. I've known April a little over two years, and though we only see each other for a couple of days a few times a year, I consider her a dear friend.

I absolutely LOVED that my sister-in-law Kristin attended with me. More on that tomorrow...
(Me, Kristin and niece Kate)

As I boarded my plane to return home late Saturday evening, I had a big smile on my face. That NEVER happens when I fly--but Saturday night my heart felt full. Not only was it because I was excited to return home to my family whom of course I had been thinking about all day as we talked about motherhood and families, but I felt humbled and honored to be a part of such a worthy organization.

The essence of my Power of Moms experiences can be captured with this quote:

"Women wish to be loved without a why or a wherefore; not because they are pretty, or good, or well-bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves."
Henri Frederic Amiel

Every time I have met a woman at a Power of Moms event, I feel as though I am meeting them. No pretenses, no airs, no hoity-toity-ness. Just plain goodness and realness radiating from each one.

I love the support and associations The Power of Moms has given me with scores of these types of mothers around the country. I can't imagine my life without it.


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