Monday, September 10, 2012

Here's to a GOOD School Year

Last Monday night I was pretty ornery. Actually, I was really ornery. I'll tell you a couple of the triggers...

After finishing up day 8 of Drew having diarrhea, I realized I absolutely had to make a trip to the store to purchase new underwear for him. After hearing (and dealing with) "I just popped (that's our term for passing gas) and now there is poop in my underwear" for the bazillioneth time last week, there were very few pair of underwear of Drew's left in the house. Yes, I'll admit, I'm a waster. Cleaning poop out of underwear is not something I do.

I can't believe I just wrote a whole paragraph about that.
Anyway-back to the fact I absolutely had to make a trip to the store to buy new underwear. In an attempt to avoid all the last minute back to school shoppers last Monday evening, I grabbed Drew a packet of assorted Disney underwear and came home. I usually have a rule about underwear needing to be washed before wearing, but Drew couldn't wait and on the new underwear went. As we all know, Drew wears only underwear and there was a slight problem.

The coverage wasn't great, and I'm not talking about my cell-phone that incidentally during this same hour, had to be taken into the cell-phone store THREE separate times.

Use your imagination if you'd prefer, but I'm not going to spell it out. All I'll say is the coverage wasn't great, and Mike and Luke were laughing their heads off every few minutes, and Drew, bless his heart kept having to make some adjustments to keep things tucked in.

Back to the store I went, to get the next size up.

By the time it was time for our annual Back to School Paper Doll Family Home Evening lesson, I was not very happy. The last thing I wanted to do was sit around as a family talking about the importance of being nice to others, when I clearly hadn't said a nice word to anyone for the last couple of hours.

Of course, tradition reigned. We've had the same Back to School Paper Doll lesson every year since the night before Megan started Kindergarten in 2004. Megan couldn't bear the thought of not having the lesson, and so out came the paper dolls, and the card stock for our one word reminder, and off Megan went with the evening.

After singing a few songs, and talking about our paper dolls without hair, or missing an arm, or wearing glasses, it was time to settle on a good word for the 2012-13 school year. Although Mike is still struggling with the fact the kids haven't mastered the word  we repeated for several years (OBEY), and we weren't exactly feeling the word from this last school year (LOVE), we still opted for a new word. The children offered some great suggestions, and with some guidance from Mike, came up with our new word.

We keep nothing on the front of the fridge but our one word reminder, each letter written by a child so they can "own" the word. We're thinking by next year we're going to have to move up to a 5 letter word, so Drew can participate in writing a letter too:

(And yes, in case you are thinking the "o" looks like an "a" it does. That was Joshua's letter, and Megan was not happy with his attempt. We had already had to start over a second time because the first "G" (by Ellie) didn't meet Megan's approval. Mike and I both snapped an overly loud "NO" at the same time, when Megan began suggesting starting over a third time. As you can see, we didn't exactly get off to a GOOD start!)

We're committed to making good choices, finding the good, getting good grades, being good friends, having good friends, being good examples, you get the idea.

Hopefully, the children will too.

And now, in all their sprinkler valve box glory tradition I present...

 Ellie--3rd grade
Luke--5th grade
Megan--8th grade
Oh, and we couldn't exclude Drew.  More on him later...


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