Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Make up your mind

I'm big to use those scissors.
I'm little to carry that grocery bag.
I'm big to eat three cookies.
I'm little to put the toys away.
I'm big to go with Luke.
I'm little to go to my bed.
I'm big to have a knife.
I'm little to help clean up.
I'm big to stay up with Megan.
I'm little to walk that far.
I am big to ride a horse.
I am little to ride the roller coaster.

No joke. Drew has said everyone of these things. He first determines how much or how little he wants to participate in a certain activity or perform a particular task, and then he decides if he is "big" or "little". It makes us all a little bit crazy. He can be "big" and help Luke haul a 50lb bag of goat feed across the street in the red wagon, but 10 minutes later when he is asked to put away a toy, he is "little."

On a random note, if anyone has a cookie, treat or food item he wants he says, "Give me three because I'm three."

Drew is a little bit entitled. A little bit demanding. And a little bit hard-work.
But somehow he still manages to be everyone's favorite around here. Actually, I shouldn't speak for Joshua, Joshua still has some teeth marks on his chest that may make my previous sentence false.

Oh to be three and big and little.


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