Sunday, September 2, 2012

We Went Inside One Day

Last week we had the opportunity to take our little family to the Brigham City Temple open house. It is a newly constructed temple, and before it is dedicated as a holy place where only certain individuals can enter, members of the public are invited to take a tour of it.

As members of the LDS church, we believe temples to be sacred buildings where eternal ordinances are performed, one of them being the marriage sealing, which we believe seals couples and families for eternity. As such, we thought it would be a great experience to take our family there.

It wasn't exactly the private tour we had of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple back in 2009, (you can read about that HERE) as you can tell from this non-private photo. At least we got one shot that didn't have that little girl's (to the right of us) underwear showing.

As we were driving the hour or so journey home, I did actually wonder if our family being together for eternity really will be a good thing. (I'm hoping at least if we ever have to be in the car together in the eternities, we have a large bus and each child will have their own row. That would be a start in helping us want to be together.)

Drew obviously wasn't the problem on the way there.
I really shouldn't joke about such things, but sometimes as I anticipate events, I envision peaceful, spiritual experiences as a family. They rarely happen, but I can't seem to stop my habit of having high hopes for my little family. This little tour of the temple last week was close, oh so close to my imaginations becoming a reality.

My children walked reverently and quietly through the temple. Just as he did three years ago, Joshua held the temple pamphlet tightly in one hand, while he held Mike's hand with the other. Drew walked quietly and reverently (with the exception of when he bumped his head on a stair railing). As we approached the marriage sealing room, I wanted to pause and stand in front of the mirrors that symbolize eternity. I wanted our family to stop and get a visual picture of our family for eternity.

It didn't happen. Mike and Joshua in front of the rest of us, barely even paused to look in the mirror as they continued to walk ahead. I like to think Mike didn't want to hold up the "procession", but I have a hunch it was really because Mike wasn't actually in the mood to be reminded we were all stuck sealed together for eternity. (A car journey longer than 5 minutes with all seven of us in one car don't exactly cause feelings of love, harmony and peace.)
Regardless of not pausing to reflect in front of the "eternal mirrors", I was still having high hopes that this was a spiritual experience for my children and we would drive peacefully home discussing the aspects of our temple visit that touched us the most.

That didn't really happen either. I mean, I did ask the children what their favorite parts of the temple visit were, but none of them seemed to say anything resembling what I had "imagined" their answers to be.

"Why don't we each tell what our favorite thing was about visiting the temple today?" I asked the children as we drove home.

Drew: "The white things on my shoes and the cookies." (Everyone wore shoe covers on their shoes.)
Joshua: "The cookies at the end, and riding the bus." (Buses shuttled us from a parking lot to the temple.)
Ellie: "The gold tissue box."

Megan and Luke's answers did have a little more depth to them:

Megan: "The two mirrors."
Luke: "The mirrors that went on forever."
(Even if they didn't get to stop and gaze into them with their family!)

I failed to mention the part when Joshua was handed his pamphlet at the very beginning, before the tour even began. Seeing a picture of the baptismal font, he said, "Look! There's a hot tub." "Can we bring our swimsuits next time?"

Unfortunately, Joshua was serious.

There you have it.
That concludes our tour of the Brigham City LDS temple.

You can read more about LDS/Mormon Temples HERE.


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