Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Have No Idea

My two younger brothers and their families came into town last weekend. My children were thrilled to have their favorite cousins come and play for a few days.

One thing I DO NOT take for granted is how nice it is to be at the stage where I have a built-in babysitter. Megan is so good to babysit for us, and 81% of the time has a pretty decent attitude about it. The one exception for a guaranteed fabulous attitude about babysitting is when cute little cousins are in need of being babysat too.

While the adults all enjoyed dinner out last Friday night, the cousins enjoyed playing...

and who knows exactly what?
I can't quite get a straight answer as to what exactly was going on when the photo was captured. I think it is because the children stand in front of the computer screen laughing their heads off every time they see it. Supposedly, that was NOT the point of the photo, it just happened to have been captured at the exact moment Drew decided to bend down and retrieve something from the nearby swamp.

Goes to show, we don't always know what our children do while we're away!


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