Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trendy or Not

I don't exactly get into trends of any kind. I'm the one that will refuse to read a book simply because everyone is reading it, or if I do, I read it years later. (Note: I have never seen or read a Harry Potter or Twilight movie or film.)

Up until two weeks ago, I had never taken trendy back to school photos either. Not that "trendy" is necessarily the right word, but you know what I mean, right? I mean, I'm the mom that takes my kids' first day of school pictures on our sprinkler valve box.

That all changed when Megan discovered Pinterest this summer. (Which I may add is one of those things I refuse to do because of the same reasons as Harry Potter or Twilight, etc.) For those of you that "follow" my name on Pinterest. It is 100% Megan. I've never clicked on the link in my life, although I have sat by her side as she navigates through it. (And I might add, it gives me mild anxiety to do that.)

I'm way off the subject.
Well kind of.
Megan decided it would be oh so fun to get creative and take "Cuter pictures than the valve box pictures you take every year."

Somehow, I got roped into doing it with her. It was actually kind of fun. Well, as fun as it can be trying to get kids to smile, and then act natural, then do this, then do that.

And Megan wasn't exactly happy when Joshua moved wrong.

Ellie kept getting in trouble for being too "posed."

Of course Drew didn't want to be left out. Megan was less than thrilled to be taking "posed" photos of Drew while wearing only underwear, but I insisted to avoid a tantrum.

Of course I insisted Megan participate. Except I didn't have as much patience as she did, so there are far fewer photos of her.
Luke wasn't home when the photo shoot occurred. But when he saw the photos being uploaded to the computer he looked horrified as he declared, "I am NOT doing that."

He didn't have to.
He'll get to stand on the green valve box instead. Along with everyone else on the morning of the first day of school.
It's tradition.
Stay posted.


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