Monday, September 24, 2012

Trash and Color

Some families spend their Saturdays hiking, or playing at a park, or maybe enjoying a bike ride together, perhaps some go to a ball game. Of course there are those that stay home working on house and garden projects together.


We spent our Saturday at an auction.
Yes. You read that right. At an auction.

On top of that, you could say, well, we tail-gated at the auction.
I came home from my shift at the temple on Saturday morning to find Mike had the car packed with sandwiches, chairs and blankets. He even thought to pack games!

Forget monster truck shows, county fairs and even a toddler who runs around the neighborhood in underwear. Tailgating at the auction on Saturday is perhaps one of the most white-trashiest things we have ever done as a family.
Despite suffering a few bouts of extreme boredom, the children were somewhat entertained for the most part. I mean who wouldn't be? There was an overabundance of bum cracks, cigarette smells, foul language and the occasional domestic dispute. The children loved seeing the "homeless man" buy a motor-home for $800, they wished Mike would have put a bid in for one of the school buses and/or semi trucks, and Joshua whiningly asked me why we couldn't buy a golf cart. Megan was mortified that she'd see someone she knew. Ellie threw a minor temper-tantrum and as Mike dragged her away, her cries of  "I don't want to go with you" resembled some sort of attempted kidnapping. It didn't seem to be too much of a concern to the surrounding people, which makes me realize I ought to hold my childrens' hands even tighter next time we go to the auction.

Which we will be doing according to Mike. Mike went this time to "learn about the process" and next time he'll get braver and hopefully won't come away regretting not bidding higher on a piece of small equipment.
As for me, I just hope it is a bright sunny day again next time we go, because wearing sunglasses makes it so much easier for me to disguise one of my many fine abilities.

Staring at other people.
It was the highlight of my day.
Well that and listening to the auctioneers. I loved that part almost as much as the staring! I could listen to those people for hours.

We redeemed ourselves afterwards with a drive through Emigration Canyon to see some fall colors, and found ourselves at the base of a gated community. With the exception of having to stop a child before they began to use the nearby flowerbed as a toilet, and the child waving obnoxiously into a nearby security camera, we appeared to have snapped out of our earlier trashy personas.

Well, maybe not when you consider four of the five children were not wearing shoes as they traipsed across an elite housing development's parking lot.

We are what we are.


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