Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brevity and Conciseness.

I'm not a frequent Facebook status writer. Although I love reading others, I don't often write one myself. I find it difficult to wrap up a thought in a sentence or two. If you've read more than one or two posts of mine, you know I'm long-winded not succinct.

As a writer, I often find myself "thinking in sentences". I spent the last week or so, recording those sentences when I thought them. Here are a few moments of my life captured in just a sentence or two.

Found myself laughing hysterically during a game of Operation with Drew the other morning. He can NOT grasp the concept that the tweezers are not supposed to be touching the sides. I think he thinks the buzzing sound of the tweezers on the sides are some form of cheers for his efforts.

Lifting a crying first grader up into the school bus is difficult--emotionally and physically, especially more than once.

Wondering if any other parent rigs the cards in Candyland so it ends a little more quickly than otherwise?

I'm not sure what to think of Ellie's response when she told me that a 5th grader on the school bus said to her, "Your mom is really, really pretty." Ellie's response? Absolute puzzlement and bewilderment.

Spent a couple afternoons helping with school lunch for the 1st graders last week. I have personally committed myself to never again allow my children to eat school food again.

Mildly concerned I'm actually beginning to like the sights, sounds and smells of the livestock portion of fairs.

Forgot about my no school lunch commitment a couple days later when I found myself pleading with my children to have school lunch the other day when I was having a minor meltdown. It included asking myself, How many more days of the school year are there that I have to fix home lunches for? There may have even been tears when I answered the question. 174!!! So depressing. Joshua took the bait and tried school lunch for the first time ever. He isn't planning on repeating that anytime soon.

Never quite gotten into the fascination with "selfies." Nor have I ever tried to make myself have a double chin. That comes naturally for me.

Sunsets and sunrises have always reminded me to take one day at a time. Beautiful ones remind me to enjoy those days even more.

Love and adore my wonderful associations with so many fabulous fellow-mothers out there. Would love to name names of some of my favorites, but I just can't. I think they know who they are though.

One of my favorite candies are Milk Duds. After being around a lot of goats for several hours at the last two fairs, Milk Duds have lost their appeal to me for a while.

There are a few of my thoughts in a sentence or two.


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