Friday, September 6, 2013

Can't Help But Smile

I spent a lot of Saturday mornings as a child at a bookstore with my dad. Specifically, WH Smith. As much as I loved the stationary that filled the downstairs, I loved the shelves of books that filled the second floor more. Probably due in part to the fact I probably left the store with a new book each time. My parents said no to plenty of things, but asking to buy a new book pretty much always got a yes.

Except the time my parents said no to the Seven Days with Topsy and Tim special pack of books. Oh I remember leaving the store disappointed, and though I don't remember the season, I'm assuming the reason I was told no was because Christmas was just around the corner. I don't have a lot of things from my childhood, but I'll tell you, one of the things I treasure most is my Seven Days with Topsy and Tim pack, that Santa placed on a baby doll changing table under the tree one Christmas morning. I absolutely love those books, and so do my children. I think my children love them for a lot of reasons, but especially because I CAN'T read them without an English accent.

I digress. Enough of Topsy and Tim.

Back to bookstores with my dad as a child.

Loved them. Besides WH Smith, I remember frequenting Sutton Library with him, and then often going to a bookstore just down the way from there. And sometimes, we'd even venture clear up to the top of the High Street (and beyond) to a little bookshop next to the Sutton Post Office. I have no recollection of what sections my dad would peruse, while I found myself lost in my own perusal of books.

My dad had two rules I had to adhere to each time a book was purchased.

1. I had to read the first page to him. I guess to check it was on my level? One of my most clear book purchase memories is crouched down on the second floor of WH Smith with Black Beauty open to the first page, reading it while my dad stood over me. I wanted that book so badly. "Everyone" was reading it, and I didn't want to miss out. After reading the first page flawlessly, my dad approved the purchase of the book. Once home, I never got past the first page. Remember, I'm not an animal lover, nor a fantasy book lover.

2. The second rule is a no-brainer. You never take a book from the front of the stack. EVERYONE picks up that book to browse through. For years now, I've volunteered at our PTA sponsored school bookstore. It seems no one else, had a dad with the same "Pick the book from behind" rule as me. Makes me sigh every time to see someone purchase a book that 329 other people have already looked through.

Oh man, am I long-winded.

My point here is really just to tell you how excited I really am to be part of the Power of Moms book that was originally published last year, but the cover has been beautifully re-done and been picked up by a national publisher.
The newly designed book is now on sale. Even on Barnes & Noble website! I know it isn't WH Smith, but it's a close second. You can see it HERE. There is a chance that it may be sold in some Barnes and Noble bookstores. I can't help but smile to think about that. I will absolutely make my dad take me there and buy one, if and when it is. I'm hoping he won't ask me to read the first page, but you can bet neither of us will reach for the one in front.

Barnes and Noble aside, one of the locations it is for sale in, is a quaint, darling bookstore in Salt Lake City, Kings English Bookshop. I will be participating in a little book signing on October 24th at the store, and will also be participating in a book launch evening next Wednesday evening in downtown Salt Lake.

A second Power of Moms book will be released next spring, and I am honored to be a part of that book too. It is beautiful as well. I love everything about the cover.

That's a lot of rambling for one post, but I love books. I have recorded in my journal from 1993, "a secret wish" which was, to see my name in print in a bookstore.

Twenty years later, that secret wish makes me smile.


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