Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun in Seattle

So awesome to have spent last weekend with my sister-in-law. Visiting, talking and laughing with Cindy was even better in Seattle. Too often our every few months visits are interspersed with kids needing attention, or places to do or go. I'm sad she lives far away, however I'm glad we have excuses to take trips together.

The food!! Oh I can't say enough about the food. Food is an important part of trips for me, but not everyone feels that same way, but Cindy? Oh yes, don't be fooled by that petite frame of hers--that girl loves to eat, which endears her to me even more. Fish and chips, clam chowder in sour dough soup bowls, bacon-cheese burgers with no cheese, french pastries, beef jerky samples, fresh nectarines, peaches and apples, etc. I regret not eating any crab legs. Maybe next time?

I'm not one to typically photograph food, but LOOK AT THAT PILE OF BACON. Seriously? I only ended up with about 2-3 pieces of it on my burger, but oh my would I enjoy eating my way through that pile.

And Cindy's sister who decided to join us for one night? Oh I loved her too. Not just because Wendy loves food too, but because she was so fun to be with. She lives a 3 hour drive from Seattle, and just had a baby 5 weeks ago, but she couldn't bring herself to turn down an opportunity for some Seattle Fun. It made me mildly jealous I don't have a sister, but at least I have sisters-in-law.

Pike's Market was surely one of the highlights of my trip to Seattle. I could spend hours in that place. LOVED it.

Not sure what to think about the ONE AND ONLY photo Cindy ASKED to take of me was this one with a pig?!?

I became my mother-in-law for a couple of seconds at the Seattle airport, and grabbed a city map and a few flyers of nearby attractions. I don't think my sister-in-law thought we'd need it, and I think she felt very similar to me when I first realized my mother-in-law thought we'd use a "real map" in Boston. (I learned my lesson in Boston about real maps vs. phone navigation systems, and passed my knowledge onto Cindy.) That real life map of Seattle in our hands and not our phone ended up being how we navigated Seattle for 3 days. I will never mentally criticize my mother-in-law and her love of brochures and maps again. I mean look at this--Cindy was actually GIVING someone else directions.

 Wendy obviously preferred using her phone.

The underground tour was fabulous. Of course it made me wish I lived in those days. Except the part about the men to women ratio and the fact that the women's taxes from their uh-hum business ended up contributing 80% to the building of Seattle.

Cindy found the gum wall disgusting. I found it fascinating.

 The food. Oh yeah. I already mentioned that.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED finding a couple of vintage dresses to add to my small, but growing collection. I've been in a quest for them since reading a novel about a vintage dress store a couple of years ago. I loved holding up the dress and admiring it. I wondered aloud what memories the lady who once owned it was doing while wearing it. Did she wear it to play bridge in with her neighbors, or was she wearing it when she found out she was pregnant, or did she wear it to a school play her child was in? Cindy and Wendy may very easily have thought I was a little crazy with my out-loud ponderings. I'm not. I'm sentimental.

I was very proud of myself that I experienced no anxiety or worry, despite going 520 feet in the air in 40 seconds to the top of the Space Needle. Yay me.

The CHEAP flowers? $5.00 for these beauties. And yes, I transported them home on the plane even though the water bag attached to the bouquet may or may not have had a spontaneous leak all over the foot of the passenger next to me. (More on the passengers next to me later.)

The Olympic Park?
Oh yeah. Some people are not very informed. They make a point to visit the park and then get all confused that there are a bunch of artsy statues and displays and no Olympic torch or rings anywhere in sight. They spend minutes and minutes trying to decide when exactly the Olympics were held in Seattle, because they can't recall it in their lifetimes. Fortunately the less-than informed people stop short of asking somebody where exactly the Olympic memorabilia is, when one of the more informed of the two, makes a sudden realization. Maps show an Olympic Mountain range. There is even a city in Washington named Olympia. A park with the name Olympic in it, doesn't necessary mean the OLYMPICS. Duh. Some people.

Our hotel sat at the top of a big hill. As we ascended the hill for the first time, I imagined in my mind a picturesque view from our hotel room window. Our room view wasn't quite what I imagined, but I was not disappointed... Remember, I am my Granny's grand-daughter. I thoroughly enjoyed our view straight into the windows of a hospital.

Chinatown in Seattle is not worth your time to visit. It felt as though it was nothing more than an obligatory visit to Chinatown instead of the highlight of my visits to other cities Chinatowns. Very, very disappointing.

Mount Rainier
The pilot directed the passengers' attention out of the window as we were approaching Mount Rainier. For obvious reasons, I don't choose to sit in the window seats of aircrafts. However, a view of Mount Rainier was quite tempting, and I couldn't help but lean a little to my left to peek out the window myself. The immediate view was quite spectacular, but within seconds I had myself convinced I would be seeing Mount Rainier in person, along with every other passenger on the flight, and chose instead to direct my attention back to my magazine while everyone else oohed and aahed about a mountain.

The Troll--what visit to a city wouldn't be complete without seeing a giant troll under a viaduct? Loved this fun little part of Seattle, especially the outdoor vintage market and of course the vintage shops.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED my visit to Seattle. Another visit there is definitely on my list of things to do. So is another trip with my sister-in-law (and Wendy).


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