Thursday, September 19, 2013

Twice at the Fair

Luke skipped school the other Friday to compete with Dudley (his pack goat) at the Utah State Fair. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the event, but a few minutes into it, I changed my tune and actually realized it was quite enjoyable.
Dudley performed flawlessly on his pack goat course. A second place win for Dudley was even more exciting for Luke than skipping school. The only points he missed were in the "confirmation" category where they judge the goats on size, muscle development, etc. Dudley is only 6 months old and was by far the smallest there, and didn't score perfectly in those categories. But the course?

He was the best.
I'm not just saying that either. (I wish I could figure out how to get the video from my phone on here.) Although I'm totally biased towards my son, I'm not so biased towards our goat. I'm fairly certain the other contestants don't play with their goats quite like Luke does. I'd even place money on a bet that none of them set up obstacle courses in their backyards for their siblings and friends their goats.
Luke and goats was my first experience with the Utah State Fair.
The second?
Megan and Ellie and screaming girls.

Bridgit Mendler concert at the state fair.
Don't know who she is?
I didn't either.

All in a day's work my friends.
All in a day's work.


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