Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Laughing Out Loud

Most of you already know I'm not a fan of the BSA (Boy Scouts of America). Although I'm not a merit badge and award earning driver type-parent, I encourage Luke to go to 11 year old scouts each week when we have no other conflicts. Rarely does he come home and report about anything that even cracks a smile on my face, let alone makes me laugh.

So tonight, when Luke returned home from scouts and I was laughing hysterically in the kitchen with him, it wasn't long before the whole family came to see what the raucous was about.

Wonder why?
Luke's scout lesson tonight was about...

Now, I know it was meaning poo as in, when one is camping and in the great outdoors. But nowhere on his assignment did it say anything referencing that. He simply handed me a paper titled, "How to get rid of poo."

And within seconds I was laughing when I began reading such things as,

"Put leafs and grass over it to make it look nice."
"Getting rid of poo is chalnging."

You can read the rest yourself, so I'll only mention one more,

"If there is a restroom, use it for best results."

Can you see now why I was laughing H.Y.S.T.E.R.I.C.A.L.L.Y?

Who knew the BSA could actually make me SMILE!?

This paper is a keeper, but oh no. Not in the put-away-in-Luke's-special-papers-to-keep-folder type way. No, quite possibly as in, I'm going to get it framed and hang it in a bathroom.

I mean really, what bathroom is complete without instructions of "How to get rid of poo."


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