Monday, September 16, 2013

My Wednesday Evening

Occasionally I have the opportunity to act kind of professional. Like, speak at a book launch/signing event for the new Power of Moms book I told you about. I got to interact with some wonderful women that I absolutely love, and was delighted to meet some new ones.

Except, my thoughts of professionalism ended somewhere around the time I caught a glimpse of these "author photos."

Take this one for example?
I'm grabbing my dress while crossing my legs as though I'm doing some kind of potty dance or something?! What in the world was I thinking or doing? My sister-in-law was nice. She said it looked like I was about to curtsy.

Not sure what's worse, that I'd curtsy at someone taking our photo, or doing a potty dance.

Or there is this one. The only people not looking at the camera are a one year old and ME?

All in all though, what a fabulous evening. I was honored to present with these great ladies, and then sit in a discussion group with some truly fabulous mothers. I LOVE learning from other women.

What a fabulous night!


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