Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Me and Ellie, Ellie and Me

I have to admit I felt a little nervous when I sat down at Ellie's desk during back-to-school night and had to take a "test."

It was one of those "newly-wed game" kind of ideas, and I had to fill in the blanks, without peeking at the blanks Ellie had previously filled in answering the same questions.

I passed with okay results, and Ellie was thrilled with my correct answers and thoroughly entertained by my mistakes.

I on the other hand, feel offended by one of HER answers.

I play games with that child day in and day out. I can't even begin to count the number of games Ellie and I played during the summer. (We have slowed down since school started, but for the most part, we still play at least 2 games a day.)

But her answer on her favorite inside activity?


Total lie.
Total, I-need-to-let-my-brand-new-4th-grade-teacher-think-I-love-to-read-and-that-my-mother-doesn't-have-to-say-each-night-when-she-tucks-me-into-bed, "No! It is reading time, no more games."

Take last night for example when I went into check on her and Megan, after having already tucked them into bed. Ellie was laying in bed playing a hand-held "Bop-it" game when she should have been doing her "favorite indoor activity": READING.

Who is she trying to fool?

To be fair, maybe Ellie forgot about the games with the seriousness of being a big 4th grader, and she is now resolved to read more.

Green and purple are 2 of Megan's favorite colors. Oops, my bad. As for hashbrowns versus all-in-one, it's one and the same. (All-in-one is the Sowby's way of saying hashbrowns, eggs and sausage mixed together.) As for her favorite book? I didn't know she'd ever cracked open "The Secret Garden" that sits on her book shelf. Maybe she likes the pretty picture on the front cover? Besides, I think we were both trying to be "4th-gradish" and not include that really she has always loved "The Very Hungry Caterpillar. If she ever hears me reading it to the little boys, she is over in a hurry to listen to it. That's her real favorite book.

As for her favorite outdoor activity?
Wasn't hard to get that one right.


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