Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stop Dreaming, Start Living

Believe me, this isn't going to be quite as deep of a post as you might imagine from the title.

But let's talk about dreams for just a minute. Occasionally our Power of Moms events have a "Dream Night." It is such a powerful thing to sit in small groups and talk about her dreams. Some are big dreams that may really take some dreaming. Some may seem insignificant to others, but real to the dreamer. Dreams can and are very easily interchanged with a more frequently used term, "Bucket List."

And maybe 'bucket list' item would be the more appropriate term here than a dream. But as I left the house last weekend to go __________, (I'll tell you in a minute.) Mike's last comment to me as he said goodbye was, "Stop dreaming and start living, Dearie."

Let me set the stage...

Friends with women with PTA duties...
One PTA friend arranges a day with a local grocery store to get a percentage of sales to our school PTA.
The PTA friend mentions (somewhat in passing) that she'd love PTA moms to help bag groceries for a while at the aforementioned grocery store.


I about fell off my chair when she mentioned the need, and I think she just about did too (well she was standing, but same thing) when she saw my reaction of sheer joy and excitement and happiness.

I was going to get to bag groceries at a grocery store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a secret wish of mine for years. I've said to Mike for the eons I've been mothering that "When my youngest starts school I really want to go bag groceries." That day is growing closer, and I tell you folks the only thing that stops me from really thinking about making it happen is because of my pride.

Regardless of all this rambling, my point is to tell you I spent a couple hours bagging groceries the other Saturday. I loved it! Except my excitement was slightly dampened by the ornery cashiers and "real" baggers that didn't appreciate us being there. But I was a dang good bagger.

No question about it.
Maybe the "real" baggers were ornery because they were just mad they don't ever get a "bagging photo shoot" while on shift.

And that's why I'm glad I'm good friends with the PTA President. It's all about the connections, right?


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