Wednesday, September 30, 2009


**Megan 6 months old, April 1999** Drew, 6 months old, September 2009**

(In case you are wondering, no, Drew will not get a 'Half Birthday Celebration.' You aren't allowed a half birthday until you've had a real birthday.)

Though I am beginning to love a lot of ages and stages, one of my absolute favorites is the 6-12 month stage. I love it.

I remember the day Megan was exactly 6 months old. It happened to be my mom's 47th birthday. Even though it wasn't until 2003 when Luke was 1 1/2, that I decided to celebrate half birthdays, the 'half recognition' began April 12, 1999.

When Megan was a newborn I was in such a rush for her to get to 6 months. I don't know why. Of course I didn't know what a six month old would really be like, but I just didn't 'love' newborns like some people. I was thrilled when Megan turned 6 months old. The same thing happened with my next two. It wasn't until baby number four and five that I treasured the newborn stage.

And now that is all over.
My baby is 6 months old.

Though I look forward to the next few months of 'my favorite stage'.... I am a little older and wiser since the six month mark, ten and a half years ago...I have mixed feelings now...

I am continually reminded,

'The days are long but the years are short.'


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