Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Did I Hear That Right?

(Don't you just love photos where the body language screams, 'An arm is extended and it is totally obvious we are taking the picture of ourselves'?)

Recently somebody asked me what I thought is the key to Mike and I having a great relationship. (What a compliment that we exude greatness?!?)  I believe there are a lot of factors involved, but one particular one I mentioned is honesty and openness.  
As I thought about the honesty and openness in our relationship, I couldn't help but recall some of the honest dialogues we've had in the past.  The ones that made me ask myself,  
 "Did he really just say that?"

Take these for example:

During my epidural-free labor with Joshua I was in pain. It hurt. I was birthing an EIGHT POUND BABY WITH NO MEDICATION.  It wasn't exactly easy.  Maybe I yelled and screamed a little.  Ok, maybe a lot. But still, I couldn't quite believe the audacity of my dear husband when he whispered quietly in my ear, "You're being kind of loud."

As most wives probably do, sometimes I'll ask, "Does this make my boobs/butt/stomach look big? "His response is always the same, "No that shirt/jeans/skirt don't look make them look big,  if they look big, it's because they are."

While in the middle of an epidural-free labor with Ellie, I was squeezing Mike's arm during a very painful contraction.  Did I mention I was in a lot of pain?  "Ouch, you're hurting me," grimaced my dear husband as he pulled his arm away.  (I'm fairly certain it was following my response to him that the nurse said, "Any words you say while in labor are not counted against you in heaven.")

And of course, I've told you about this one before, "Is this ironed?"

I'm a pretty good cook and a-regular-hot-meal-on-the-table-each-night-type wife.  Often Mike will call me to tell me he's leaving the office and frequently he'll ask, "What's for dinner?"  My responses vary from "Meat loaf to Chicken Enchiladas to Roast Beef."  Although there was the ONE TIME  (and maybe one other time) I told him we were having fish sticks for dinner.  His response, "That's not a meal worth anticipating on the way home."

Once it was dark and my husband must have thought this would be a good "I'll score" kind of comment, as he whispered "You're really pretty in the dark."  

Now, I am not claiming to be perfect, I have probably said plenty of things myself, but hey, this post isn't about me.... 


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