Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flying Clocks

I have found myself lately trying to capture the moments more fully with my children without always reaching for my camera.  And though I have a great memory and have made an extra effort to be more faithful in my personal journal,  I am worried that there will be some things I'll simply forget.  And dang it, in efforts to be less distracted and not always grabbing the camera, I will now have to rely on my mind memories instead.  

Ellie has mastered jump rope.  Usually her activity of choice the last few weeks when chores and homework are done is to jump rope.  I really should break down and buy her a real jump rope, but it warms my heart to see Luke kindly obliging her with one of his horse ropes.  And hopefully I will not soon forget the picture my mind took last week when I entered the school playground during recess. Ellie upon seeing me, dropped her jump rope mid-jump and with a big smile on her face came running towards me.

At the beginning of the month, I was told Drew (who incidentally is usually always found with a Hot Wheels in his hand) had 'Delayed Expressive Speech' at his eighteen month check-up, due to his inability to say a certain number of words.  Drew decided to prove the doctor wrong almost immediately.  The next day he added two words to his vocabulary, and since then adds a new one each day.  My favorite; "sasa-sa" for Joshua.

Megan was very excited last month when she was chosen to be on the Student Council at her school.  Her smile really couldn't have gotten any bigger when she came home from school the other week wearing her Student Council sweatshirt, complete with her name embroidered on the front.

Though trying to use my camera less,  I absolutely had to pull out the video camera to record Joshua reading 'The Gingerbread Cowboy.'  Complete with a western twang, he has the book almost entirely memorized word for word. Although he asks for me to read the book to him about 3,429 times a day, he gets mad as soon as I begin saying, "Once upon a time in the wild, wild west..."  I finally figured out that "Mama, read this to me" really means "Come sit down and listen to me read it to you."

Luke has spent the last couple of weeks in his homemade shed.  It has served as Luke's office/homework desk/reading corner/clubhouse/interior decorating practicing place.  Complete with a toy cow on top, his roping calf at the entrance, western art hanging on the wall, a desk organizer (swiped from the DI box in the back of the car), three chairs (one for each boy), art supplies and some old horse magazines in the corner.  Yesterday afternoon, during our Sunday Family Council meeting, as the wind began to blow outside and the rain gently started to fall, Megan watched Luke's shed blow to the ground.  And though I am getting teary eyed thinking of the shed's last week with no photos to remember it by, the 'place to find Luke' now sits in a pile of wood and clutter in our barren garden.  The Pile, along with Mike's instructions to "remove the nails and screws from the wood and stack it nicely by the house" is a sure sign that even Fall is going to begin winding down and will soon give into the long, cold days of winter.

And though I absolutely love this time of year.  I love the colors, I love the dark evenings, I like the cool crispness to the air,
Time is flying by too quickly.

My daughter now spends Tuesday evenings going to Mutual.
My baby goes to Nursery.
Three of my children are in school full-time.
My three year old is beginning to recognize his ABC's.
My son has received an actual assignment to build something for someone.

Though I know my children are still young,
And thankfully all still at home,
I wish I could freeze time for just a while.

I remember distinctly close to thirty years ago standing in Granny's kitchen at her open refrigerator and hearing her say, "Time flies even more as you get older."  I had no idea what she meant as my young seven year old mind pictured small alarm clocks flying in the sky.

Now I know exactly what she meant.


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