Monday, October 4, 2010

A Memory For Monday (With Casey and James)

I know I've mentioned my two younger brothers, Casey and James a few times in random posts/memories.  My two little brothers that as a little girl, I hoped so much would replace my baby dolls

Just recently while going through an old journal, I found a cute, handwritten little note from James when he was about nine years old.  I also still have a Beverly Hills 90210 bookmark that James gave me years ago, and in his childish, hard to read handwriting on the back writes about me being 'the coolest sister in the world.' 

Now, I would hate for James to outdo Casey in his expressions of love for me, but I have keepsakes from him too.  I have books given to me with Casey's childish handwriting saying, "I love you, from Casey"  or "To Tiffany. From Guess?  Anser: Casey"

I lived at home throughout college and though I now regret that maybe I was too busy worrying about a social life and studies, and I probably brushed them off more than I should have, I do have precious memories of time with them.

I remember frequently playing card games with James before his elementary school car-pool came and I remember distinctly Casey appearing at my bedroom door quietly yet excitedly saying, "Guess what? I just found a hair in my armpit."  (Did I really just write that for the whole world to see?  Sorry Casey!)   

I remember fondly the time I spent with them, especially during my college years.  And though I may have been busy worrying about school studies and a social life, I remember taking them on numerous trips toTop Hat Video for video games, to a UofU/BYU football game, movies, restaurants, bowling, etc. etc.    The night Mike proposed to me, it was my brothers I told first as I came into the house that night.  Casey and James were settling down for the night in their bunkbeds and had big smiles on their faces as I told them my news.  It was my brothers that I cried about leaving, as I packed up the last of my stuff the day before my wedding.

And though my brothers don't write me handwritten notes telling me how 'cool' or 'awesome' I am anymore, I'll get the occasional text and/or email from them and if I'm really lucky, once in a while a phone call.   They are now grown-up, handsome men.  One a dad, one a dad any day now, one in Law School at BYU, one studying business at the University of Utah.  And though we all have busy lives,  I love my brothers and guess what? I know they still love me!

I love my brothers.  And it is after them, that Joshua got his middle name 'Jace'... a combination of the sounds 'James and Casey.'  (Creative I know, but I couldn't name Joshua after one and not the other!)


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