Monday, October 11, 2010

A Memory For Monday (The Day Before)

As I anticipate Megan's birthday tomorrow, I find my thoughts to be with my dear sister-in-law Cindy who is due to have a baby any day now. And though I am not one in favor of shared birthdays, I hope she has her baby soon. (Maybe just not tomorrow though...) ;)

My due date with Megan was October 20, 1998. (At my doctor's appointment on Friday the 9th, my doctor told me I probably wouldn't make it through the weekend as I was dilated to 'a 4'.)  Perfect! I thought.  I wanted my baby to be born on the 11th--my Grandad's birthday. (Sharing birthdays with a deceased person is ok.) In 1998, October 11th was a Sunday. I woke up tired, achy and anxious for a baby to come. I declared from my bed to Mike that there was NO WAY I was sitting through three hours of church, so "Please kindly call the Primary Presidency and tell them I will not be sitting with my class during the program practice."

And though I am now somewhat ashamed to admit, (and really, we can count on one hand the number of times we've 'skipped church') we both stayed home.  We must have had a severe case of 'nesting' as we cleaned out the large closet in our family room that served as a store-everything-that-doesn't-have-a-place, as well as the items that of course belonged there.

We organized, we straightened and basically were very un-sabbath-day-of-rest-like. But as the closet was clean and orderly, I removed the brand new Winnie The Pooh bouncer that was stored in there, placed it in the middle of the floor and announced, "It (meaning Megan)can come now. We're ready."

And then I waited for a contraction and/or a water break.
Nothing happened.

So we piled up our DI pile and decided to make a stop at the DI and Mike's parents house close by. We continued our un-sabbath-day like behavior as we dropped off a pile of goods at the local Deseret Industries, ignoring the signs that asked not to leave items there when they were closed.

We then went to Mike's parents house and it was there that I had taken the ONLY PHOTO of me posing to show a pregnant belly. (Five pregnancies over now-it is a deep regret of mine.) To make matters worse, this morning when I went to the photo album to pull out the photo to scan in, I see neatly in the column written, "Mike and Tiffany, day before Megan was born." and the photo is G.O.N.E.!
(I hate when I remove photos and do not return them.)

Oh well.

Of course, Megan didn't come on October 11th. My water broke the next morning at 10:20am. I am convinced in my mind now, Grandad kept her there with him to celebrate his birthday, and then gave her permission to go.

And so...
Happy Birthday Grandad!!
(For the record, I do believe without a doubt birthdays are celebrated in heaven.  If not, I'm not much interested in going there...)

Side note to Casey and Cindy--it's Grandad's birthday, don't get your hopes up today will be 'the day.' Grandad might be wanting your baby there for his birthday party too. And well, tomorrow is Megan's birthday and you know how I feel about shared birthdays with the living. But, I'll keep my fingers crossed for Wednesday...


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