Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Report on 12 on the 12th

A party on Saturday night with nineteen 6th graders, a campfire, roasted hot dogs, squealing, s'mores, cupcakes, games, laughter, glo-sticks, squealing, running wild in the back yard and park, suckers, and lots of fun.
This is Megan's longest-time friend.  Aren't they cute?
 (Megan and Brandon)
 Mike took his chaperoning responsibilities very seriously:
Presents on Birthday Morning:
Twelve balloons decorating the yard (did we mention she was 12 on the 12th?):
And last, but not least, a homemade birthday cake made by yours truly.  (FYI, I've come along way since Megan's 2nd birthday when she took one look at her homemade Barney birthday cake and asked, "What's tat?")

PS-Drew loves the morning after birthdays when the balloons that have been out of his reach all birthday-day come down and he can play with them for a few minutes before they make Mom too crazy and then they all get popped and thrown away...


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