Friday, October 22, 2010

My Favorite Day of The Year

I'd have to say, this year's birthday was one of my best yet.  Well, at least in my adult years.
I love my children, but oh was it bliss being with just my husband for the day.
Doing what we wanted, when we wanted.  Eating lunch in the car, Logan Temple, Me shopping, Mike relaxing, eating Dinner while assessing our parenting, eating chocolate in bed, me reading, Mike watching TV, etc. etc.

 It was relaxing and soul soothing.

My brother James, and sister-in-law Kristin, ROCK!  One day when they have a couple more kids, they'll understand how much we appreciated them staying with our kids. 

James & Kristin: Wanna give me the same birthday present again next year?!?


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