Monday, October 18, 2010

A Memory for Monday (That's Not Going To Happen)

No memory today!
  • I have the last of the tomatoes and peppers stacking up on my counter waiting to be made into one last batch of salsa.
  • I have grapes waiting patiently at my Grandma's to be picked to be made into grape juice.
  • I have a chore system that is in desperate need of a visual.  
  • I have about two more hours to spend on the student directory that I am putting together which will bring the grand total to about sixteen + hours of my time!
  • I have a kitchen floor that I don't dare walk bare foot on.
  • And about 4,844 other things that I don't care to list.
Somethings will have to wait.
And of course, I am busily anticipating my birthday on Friday.  Which by the way was off to a great start yesterday when I visited Primary  (which one day I must blog about my feelings about that) to watch Megan play the harp and Luke give a talk and the Primary President invited ME up to be sung a birthday song to.

I couldn't stop smiling.
Perfect beginning to my birthday week.
Even if it's kind of a busy one.


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