Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bracelets That Speak

Surely I am not the only mother that throws in a bunch of phrases when saying the typical 'goodbyes' and 'I love yous' to my children.   Some of the last things I say to them when I say goodbye to them say to school, a birthday party, an extra-curricular activity, a church meeting, etc. are:  
"Be good"
"Say please and thank you."
"Don't talk too much"
"Make sure you wash your hands"
"Be polite"
"Be kind to the other kids"
"Make good choices"
And one of my personal favorites, which I use more with one child than any of the others is, "Act as though I will hear and see and know everything you're doing."  We expect (or just really hope) they remember everything we teach them from not picking their noses to not talking out of turn.

Several weeks ago when Mike and I went away overnight I realized all those instructions are sort of a two-way street.  While changing into my white dress while at the Logan temple, the bracelets on my hand stood out prominently on my wrist.
I had the orange Silly Band bracelet that I had been given for my birthday that morning by Ellie. I was still wearing the purple and pink friendship bracelet that Megan had patiently braided for a me a week or so previously, and not wanting Luke to feel left out, that morning, I had courteously put on the brightly colored beaded bracelet (complete with cat beads--which incidentally, I strongly dislike cats) that Luke gave me for Mother's Day a couple of years ago.

I found myself thinking about all those phrases I utter as I say goodbye to my children and it seemed that those bracelets were really things my children would say to me.  Even though I didn't need to be told not to pick my nose or told to remember to wash my hands, the bracelets seemed to speak volumes of "We love you" and "We're glad you're our mom".  And just like my personal favorite "Act as though I will hear and see and know everything you're doing" the bracelets seemed to say, "Don't forget you're our mom."

Ignoring the fact that the bracelets were colorful, and not exactly the most subtle accessories I owned, I tucked them up into my white dress sleeve and smiled.

And even though I was enjoying my twenty-four hours away from my children, I was proud to be a mom.  The proof was on my wrist!


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