Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who Cares?

I thought I would use my cell phone to help make a 'mind picture' I took today more permanent. And though it is a really poor quality photo, it was a moment that I don't want to forget for several reasons...

This afternoon, Ellie accompanied me to the store.  While I picked out some tomatoes, Ellie wandered over to a nearby Christmas candy display.  The plastic candy canes filled with Hot Tamales immediately caught Ellie's attention.  (They are one of Mike's very favorite candies.) Ellie reached towards it and asked, "Can I please, please, get this for Daddy for Christmas?"
It was a $1.00.
I obliged her altruistic request. 

Dinner time was quickly approaching, and in true Tiffany fashion, I began to hurry towards the checkstands.  Glancing over my shoulder I didn't see Ellie immediately following me.  I turned again to see where she had gone.  She WAS behind me.  I just didn't see her because she was crouched over to the ground using the 12" plastic CANDY cane filled with Hot Tamales as a WALKING cane.
(Ellie with a sucker in her mouth, cheese nips in her arms and a 12" plastic candy cane as her walking stick.)

She didn't have a care in the world that:
a. She looked quite ridiculous
b. I was in a hurry and needed her to walk faster
c. It was 5:45pm on a December evening and the store was packed with shoppers rushing about their Christmas shopping who had to slow down to accomodate a six year old walking with a 12" candy cane.
d. Did I mention the part that she didn't care that she looked kind of ridiculous.

Thinking, she would stand up and walk properly, I told her to come along faster.  Instead, she continued with her crouched over position, picked up her speed as fast as one can in that position, and said, "I'm trying to be faster."

It was truly one of those moments I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...
Laugh at the sheer humor of it all or cry because surely her social protocol naivety won't last forever.


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