Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Eve

In keeping with tradition, we all enjoyed our Formal Christmas Eve dinner.  I commented to Mike during dinner, that it made me smile that nobody complains (okay one nine year old boy who shall remain nameless does) that I require encourage everyone to come dressed in their very best dress.  It adds to the spirit of the holiday and evening.

(Whose kid is that, that did not dress appropriately for The Formal Christmas Eve Dinner?!?)

This year we finally broke away from my dad, Cindy or Luke always winning and we all cheered when Kristin won the five dollar bill, courtesy of the quarter found in her chocolate trifle serving.

I introduced a last minute game that my friend suggested while running with her Christmas Eve morning.  It required an early morning trip to the store, a lot of wrapping paper, some drying of tears and a few stern lectures after.  It is probably not high on the 'become a tradition list' . . .
All in all though,
What a great evening!
Did I mention, I LOVE it?

I think one of my favorites of the year.


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