Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Loves

Though Christmas is certainly not my favorite holiday, there are definite things I LOVE about Christmas and the month of December...

I LOVE new dresses:

I LOVE dinner parties:
(dinner with Tingeys)
(dinner with Freys)
I LOVE Christmas Crackers and the hats, jokes and prizes found inside:
I LOVE that grown men still wear their Christmas Cracker hats a couple hours after dinner.
I love that Luke still wears his Christmas Sweater (I don't love that he and I have to plan the responses to the children at church that make rude comments about it.)  I also don't love that this is surely the last year of the sweater fitting him.
I LOVE Christmas books:
(Alicia & Brandon Tingey, Ellie, Joshua, Megan and Luke looking at 'I Spy Christmas')
I LOVE Christmas games:
(Kari (& Damon), Ellie, Joshua, Luke, Megan (and part of Kellen) playing Christmas Bingo)
I'm trying to LOVE the 'Don't turn your back for a second' stage:
(Drew, jam, a spoon, a water cup and a pitcher!)
But I don't care what month or season it is, I DO NOT love tantrums...

Happy, Happy December!


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