Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More December Loves

I love first grade programs.
Actually, the first two I attended did not stir the same excitement and anticipation in me as this one did. Ellie has been singing the songs constantly for the two weeks preceding the program. A couple of days before the program Ellie heard me singing the song that had become stuck in my head for hours... "Christmas cookies and holiday cheer..." She looked at me with a shocked look on her face and questioned, "How do you know that?!?" "Hummm" I replied, I've heard you singing it constantly for days and days!" 

Ellie was dressed, complete with her coat and back pack on thirty minutes before the departure time.  (Man I wish we could have a First Grade Christmas Program every day if it always elicited that much obedience and co-operation in the mornings from Ellie!)

I love this year's Christmas tree with a western theme.  Even if it is already half dead and Christmas is still a few days away...

I love an evening spent at Temple Square (even though we forgot the camera) seeing the beautiful lights and displays.

I love Christmas music playing in my kitchen daily.  My favorite? And Mike's LEAST favorite? 'Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton's Once Upon A Christmas'

I love more dinner parties.
(Keith & Brandi (and Elizabeth) Wieland, Tiffany and Mike)

I love that when I asked Megan if she wanted us to all squoosh around the dining room table when the Wielands came, or do a separate kid table she said, "As long as you set the kid table pretty too."
(Luke, Lauren, Joshua, Drew, Kathryn)

I love singing Christmas songs around the piano.  (Of all our dinner guests/December visitors, I knew that the Wielands would be the only ones to not scoff at the idea of singing carols around the piano.)  We all had a great, enthusiastic time.  (Except for one nine year old boy...)

I love the Nativity story told by a three year old, "Jesus was born in a barn with horses and other animals.  Then after he was a baby Jesus he was big Jesus."
Happy, Happy December!


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