Thursday, December 9, 2010

In The Blink of an Eye

The other day Ellie accompanied me to Costco.  As we walked into the store, Ellie was holding my hand skipping along at my side.  Ellie's skipping and carefree enthusiasm for being with me brought a smile to my face.  Though my thoughts also wandered to the thought, 'When exactly did Megan and Luke stop holding my hand when walking by my side?'
I was reminded to savor the little things in life.

Last night we visited Temple Square to see the beautiful Christmas lights and nativities.  While walking around, I could hear Joshua saying to no one in particular, "I love Jesus and I love Joseph Smith and I love the temple."
I was reminded how easy, love and faith come to a child.

Casey and Cindy gave The Elf on the Shelf  to my children as an early Christmas present.  I have a love/hate relationship with him.  It has gotten me out of bed more than once to check his whereabouts...  But seeing the excitement and enthusiasm of the children (especially Luke and Ellie) each morning to search for his new hidden location is contagious.
Each morning I am reminded of the treasure my mental pictures/memories will one day be.

This morning, Drew fell and bonked his head.  I put down the cleanser and sat down on the floor and held him.  He began 'singing' 'I Hope They Call Me On A Mission.'  It is his way of asking me to sing to him and then he stops and listens to me.  My days of rocking and singing to other children besides Drew are becoming very rare. 
I was reminded of how quickly time flies.

Each morning the children gather to the Advent Calendar House (and according to a 'Megan-imposed- order'), they take turns retrieving the small treat found in the house.  (If Drew doesn't happen to be in the room with them, the person 'retrieving' the treat gets to eat Drew's...)  Each morning Luke yells a number downstairs to me as he moves the Countdown Calendar to Christmas.  And whenever a new wrapped present appears under the tree, a child eagerly checks to see if it is for them. 
I am reminded of the magic of Christmas.

As Ellie and I walked out of Costco on the aforementioned day, Ellie's mood had changed.  She was now carrying tortillas in her hand, she had a slight wiggle to her bum, and her hand 'flipped her hair' just so.  The expression on her face clearly told me she was in 'playing grown-up' mode. 
I was reminded that no matter what I do, the old adage 'They'll grow up in a blink of an eye' really is a reality.

Most days, I'm trying my hardest NOT to blink. 


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