Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prayers, Faith and Even Miracles

Tonight Mike and I were supposed to be going to a Christmas get together dinner with a group of our dear friends; Scarlet & Mark, Kim & Alan and Keith & Brandi.  Instead, our 'get-together' was this afternoon in a hospital room.  I stood with my dear friends and watched my friend Scarlet kiss her husband on the cheek as he laid in a hospital bed fighting for his life.  It was a poignant, unwanted reminder of how life can change in a minute.

Mark was assaulted by his brother on Wednesday night and is in critical condition with severe brain trauma.  Please keep his dear family in your prayers.  Mark's wife and three young girls need him to make a full recovery.  We have faith that each prayer will and can make a difference.  You can find more information here

Now go hug those you love.


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