Monday, December 20, 2010

A Memory For Monday (With Ornaments)

This year, I broke from our traditionally decorated Christmas tree... Colored lights, and ornaments that the kids have picked out each year, and some traditional and sentimental ones from mine and Mike's childhood.  Instead, this year, I asked each person in the family permission to do a 'western themed tree' instead.   We all love it.  The children each have trees in their bedrooms, adorned with their own sentimental ornaments.

Everyone wins...

Though I love my tree this year, there are a couple of decorations that I miss having displayed.  None of the kids chose them for their bedroom trees, and they didn't really fit the western tree.

They are treasured ornaments and memories.  And so instead, they will be remembered as today's Memory for Monday. 

In December 1982, my friend Lynsey Dyki had a 'Fancy Dress' birthday party (English for costume party). I went as a Christmas tree. At some point over the years, the photo was turned into a tree ornament, and hangs faithfully on our tree each year.

And no matter how classy one's Christmas tree decor is, who can resist hanging this ornament with a photo of Mike in it from 1982?!  (It is now intermingled with the western decorations...)

Merry Christmas!


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