Thursday, May 26, 2011

About Time

(Power of Moms Board Meeting, April 2011)

So I realize, that though I have made some brief references to The Power of Moms in the past, I haven't really taken the time to really record how I feel about this wonderful organization.

Really, the way I found The Power of Moms is absolutely no coincidence.  My first few correspondences and interactions with the site were with one of the co-founders, April Perry (orange shirt in picture, next to me) who was a complete stranger to me.  After a little, I ended up realizing that the other co-founder, Saren Loosli (next to April), was none other than Saren Eyre who I knew for a little while when she and her family temporarily lived in my ward in England.

Isn't that funny?
I hadn't seen or heard from Saren in 23 years or so, and now I get more emails from her in my inbox than almost anyone else, as a result of my role within this fabulous organization!  April and Saren are two phenomenal women who have a passion for helping mothers be deliberate and focused.

The above photo was taken at an April Power of Moms Board Meeting.  Not all board members were able to attend (some live out of the country), but it was such a thrill to be able to meet in person some of these ladies I have emailed with for over a year.  Some I have met before, but some it was the first time meeting them in April, and oh what a treat.  It may be years before this group of fine ladies ever meets together again (there are so many different parts of the country represented within this group!), but oh what a powerful group of women.  All with one thing in mind; to help strengthen the mothers of the world.

The Power of Moms byline/motto is 'A gathering place for deliberate mothers.'  Deliberate mothering is something I have always felt was important for me.  Long before I became a mother, I knew there were certain things I absolutely would and wouldn't do.  I've always felt like I have so many thoughts and feelings about motherhood, and while I have lots of fabulous mother friends, I never quite felt I had an arena to really delve into some issues and discussions of motherhood beyond potty training and the odd discipline discussions.

I believe there are no coincidences in life.  And as a result of finding this website, I have been introduced to some fabulous women, programs, opportunities and experiences.  I've loved the retreats I have been a part of, I love the women who meet together with me once a month for our Learning Circle, I love the network of women I now have connections with to learn and grow from.

Just this last weekend, I met with some more great women intent on becoming a part of this fabulous organization.  I was touched by their enthusiasm and desire to make a difference in other women's lives.  So often it seems women want to run over the next woman in line, but how refreshing to find a group of women who just want to help strengthen each other.  Another great opportunity has presented itself for June 11th.  If you're interested in rubbing shoulders with some great women, and learning some wonderful things, check out the June 11th Retreat information here...

Women need women.
Mothers need other mothers.
I promise even you can find something you'll love at The Power of Moms.


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