Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Other Days

My mother-in-law sent me a nice card for Mother's Day that I received today in the mail.  She wrote several nice little things in the card, but these sentiments are what have been going through my mind all day, "May you have many happy moments to blog about."

'Happy moments to blog about'?
Not today.

This morning, I stood by the side of the road near the elementary school in my pajamas and slippers (with no bra on I might add), forcing a child to stand on the sidewalk so I can drive off without them chasing after the car, and then hoping they will turn around and walk into the school. (The first two attempts at this getaway were not successful!!!)  Never mind we were 25 minutes into this episode, never mind the bus had long since left our cul-de-sac, and never mind the said child was continuing to scream and cry hysterically, (the wails were now ironically saying, "My throat hurts. I have to go home.")  We won't even consider the 4,397 cars with gawking drivers that drove by us as they exited the busy school parking lot.

I'll do my best to forget today's nice gesture when I gave some left-over soda (courtesy of Nana and Grandpa) to my two boys to drink with their lunch. One dumped the full cup upside down and then thought it hilarious to play in it and splash all over the other.

We won't mention the decibels my voice reached this morning when I couldn't open a closet door because of the piles of clothes stored behind it.  I swear the closet floor is housing every outfit worn by certain child since the day we moved into the house six years ago!

We'll totally overlook the charged power wheels battery that for about six weeks I've been promising to "charge it tomorrow" is finally charged and ready to go.  But, the rain didn't let up ALL DAY.  Imagine the whining and tantrums I put up with as a result of that!

There was no magic at all when Megan was attempting to give her Family Home Evening lesson and activity amidst a crying sibling, a hyper sibling, a naughty toddler and a very cranky mother.

I didn't laugh with the rest of the family when the made to perfection Rice Krispie treats were placed on paper napkins to serve.  I LOVE Rice Krispie treats. I do not however love Rice Krispie treats with paper napkins stuck to the bottom of them.

I'm not going to wrap up this entry with some little tender family interaction today that made it all worth it, or write about some little slobbery kiss that made me forget all the troubles.  I'm not going to tell you I tucked my kids into bed and thought they all looked angelic and innocent as they lay there sleeping.

Because the truth is, I just closed the boys door with a little extra strength than necessary after telling them in a not so nice tone to "Lay down, shut your mouths and go to sleep."

And now as I sit here typing, my husband is listening to some 80's music infomercial on the television.  In a sudden burst of cheerfulness, I couldn't help but sing along to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's 'Islands in the Stream' duet.  Only to be told, "Stop, don't ruin it."  He was smiling. I was not.

'Happy moments to blog about'?
Not today.


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