Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ghetto Neighbors

While we have a park with a play-toy in the back of our house, and a trampoline and swing set in our back yard, my children often gravitate to the front of the house. My children are avid bike riders, wagon pullers, and power wheels drivers, so mass amounts of concrete and asphalt often soothe their whines better than grass, slides, trampolines and swings.

Plus, they have a little of me and my Granny in them--out front, there is usually more going on, more to see, more to look at, more to observe and so on. Plus, Drew's favorite little friend, Luke's roping mentor, my chatting partner and friend, Ellie's favorite baby to hold, etc.(all of which belong to the same family) are often outside too. Naturally, between them outside and the asphalt and concrete, it is a win-win situation to be out front instead of out back.

I have no problem sitting outside on either mine or Kari's driveway chatting away while our kids play. Kari has no problem with it either. I've alluded to the fact before (here), that these dear friends of ours are so much more stylish, classy, clean, presentable, etc. etc. etc. than us.  And though I long ago decided it didn't really matter, I was thrilled when Kari's dad told her that sitting outside on a driveway (and sometimes in the open garage if it's raining) is kind of 'ghetto'!!

But, it works for us.
We love it.
I love my neighbors, I love my neighborhood, I love living in a cul-de-sac, I love pleasant spring, summer and fall afternoons and evenings spent sitting on a driveway watching kids play, and leaving all the cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, folding and straightening inside to wait for a more convenient time to be done.

Isn't pleasant weather glorious?


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