Thursday, May 12, 2011

Somebodys or Nobodys?

Recently in a phone conversation with somebody I said, "I'm kind of a nobody."  Now, before I start getting messages about all sorts of self-esteem problems; it was in the context of not having any connections for a particular event.

It's funny though, it really got me thinking about somebodys and nobodys.

Recently I saw this pedigree:

Can you believe it?  Look at this guy's posterity!!!
Look at some of those names!  My first assumption was it couldn't be true, but it was hanging in the Washington DC LDS temple visitor's center, so I'm sure it is fairly reliable and somewhat accurate information.

Perhaps my children will go on to have posterity which includes prophets, presidents and prime ministers.   That's still unknown, but what I do know is they come from some pretty decent stock.  Between Mike's parents and my parents and each of their parents, there's a whole lot of different blood we've got in us.  Without giving any credit or insult or naming of names--I will say we've got quite a variety.  We've got some culture, we've got some redneck.  Some brains, some air-heads.  We come from some cowboys, we come from some pearl and fur wear-ers.  We come from assertiveness, we come from passiveness.  We come from some that were funny, some that were ornery.  You get the idea--we come from a little of everything...

(Mike's paternal grandparents, Helen and Spencer--1940)
And that:
(My paternal grandparents, Kenneth & Violet-mid 1940's)

Some of this:

(Mike's parents, Laurie and Steve, 1970)

And a little of that:
(My parents, Peter and Chris, 1972)

And that is who we are.  Just kind of your regular ole nobodys.  And for the most part it's all good.  I don't have too many issues with our lot in life as nobodys, but I do have this one:  I can't for the life of me figure out how some people pass along the potential for fabulous and famous people in their posterity, and my dad hasn't even managed to pass along that curly hair to any of his posterity as of yet.  So, not only are we nobodys, we're nobodys with straight hair!

(Philo T. Farnsworth statue at the US Capitol)

Although--we supposedly have Philo T. Farnsworth (the inventor of television) in our line of ancestors on my side.  I say supposedly, because for years and years we were related to Butch Cassidy too...  Until my brother, Casey did a report on Butch in 6th grade and with just a little bit of geneology research, dispelled the decades old family legend!

Oh well! Such is life.
Straight hair and no Butch Cassidy.  I'm sure it could be worse!


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