Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Magic of Motherhood

Even though I am periodically known to 'magic things' for my children, I really think it is my children that have some type of magical abilities.  There's a myriad of things that I never thought I'd do, or things I say that I never thought I'd say, or places I end up going I never wanted to go.  All because of my children!  Please note, I'm not referring to an entitled attitude of a child, that's completely different.  I'm referring to some kind of natural ability our children have to work a wonder and magic over their parents.  And before we know it, we're filled to the brim with love and pride of our little ones, that somehow almost completely cancels out the filled to the brim feelings of frustration and exhaustion.

It's funny what motherhood does to us.

It's a little like yesterday...

I was exhausted from hours spent with the school carnival the day before.  I was exhausted from waking up at 4:30am to work my temple shift.  AND, the Saturday box on my calendar had absolutely no white space left on it.  But...  I sat at a dinner as an uninvited guest while Megan played background music on the harp.  I could have left, I could have sat out in the hall with my laptop and gotten some much needed computer work done.  I could have even come home and gone back to pick her up when she was finished.  Instead, I answered the plea, "If you don't do any thumbs up or wink at me, or dumb smiles, I'd like you to stay in and listen to me."

See again what I mean?  My feelings of exhaustion were completely overridden with a desire to support my child.  As insignificant as the whole event was to us, there was nowhere I'd rather have been.  (The food and company ended up being well worth it too!)

I think of Saturday night...
It had been a lllooonnnggg day.  I was so ready for bed a good nights sleep!  My slumber was interrupted in the middle of the night by a child crying.  Wanting to cry myself, I dragged my weary body to the crying child who didn't immediately settle.  Climbing into the bed with them, I held them as they went back to sleep.  The magic yet again replaced one feeling with another.

Disclaimer: Before anyone wonders why Mike didn't get up--he is a much deeper sleeper, and by the time it would take me to wake him up to go help the child, I would be wide awake and I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep anyways, so I may as well have just gone myself!  Besides, very rarely do our children wake up, so it is usually a non-issue.

Just the other day, I was in a store admiring some beautiful necklaces, rings and bracelets.  There was nothing in the display that was super expensive, or of any worth, it was just some reasonably priced, stylish, costume jewelry.  I loved lots of the pieces, and even with the anticipation of Mother's Day just around the corner, prudence reigned, and I left empty handed.  And here comes that magical power of our children...  Bursting with love and pride, I wore to church today a beaded necklace made from fishing line with the clasps rigged from fishing lures that I received this morning for Mother's Day.  The bracelet I wore?  A plastic beaded one (with two cat beads even!) gifted to me by the same child, for Mother's Day four years ago.  

You see what I mean?  Whatever feelings of frustration I may have had the other day, about limited finances that prevented me from purchasing a new bracelet or necklace were completely canceled out and forgotten with the pride and love I felt wearing a silly little homespun fishing line with a handful of beads clasped together with fishing lure clasps!

And therein lies the magic; the good and the bad all muddled together into one magical thing called:

Mother's Day 2011

PS-You may notice the different outfits in the different pictures.  We attempted three different 'photo shoots' at three different times to get a decent picture.  None yielded entirely desirable results.  I'm still looking for the 'magical' component of that whole episode to kick in...


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