Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Couch Day

I haven't realized exactly how much I run from one task to the next lately, until today, when I spent most of the day on the couch holding a baby.  It was pouring with rain, so I had no one needing a push on the swing and no one I had to tell to stop throwing sand out of the sandbox.  Even the inside tasks were set aside, I forgot it's hard to do much with a baby around...

Today, we had my darling little niece, Lucy for the day. And what a great relaxing day it was, it was so nice to just sslllooww down for a day. Wouldn't you much rather sit and kiss these cheeks than cross things off of a to-do list?
Drew fell instantly in love with her.

A couple of hours into Lucy's stay, I noticed Drew had emptied Lucy's diaper bag of her wipes and diapers and put them away in our diaper basket.  It made me smile, and I thought it cute, but that was it.  Fast forward a few more hours when my brother Casey carried Lucy out the front door to go home, Drew cried.  And cried. And cried.  He cried for Lucy for about fifteen minutes.  Then I remembered the diapers and bless Drew's little heart, I think he thought she was here to stay.

I haven't broken the news to Drew yet that Lucy will soon be moving to California, he's had enough heartbreak for one day.


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