Monday, May 2, 2011

A Little Late

When Mike's mom called him back in January and asked if Megan, Luke and I could come visit them in DC, she gave him the dates for us to be there.  One of Mike's first responses was, "It's Easter, Tiffany probably won't go for it."  After, when Mike called me telling me about the offer to visit DC he timidly gave me the dates, "Nope, won't do it!"  was my immediate response.

Of course, that is all old news now.  I was away from home for my very favorite holiday of the year.  I stressed more than anyone needs to know, and shed plenty of tears.  But, it all ended up just fine...

My husband who typically leaves most traditions to me, made sure the little kids did our daily 'Week before Easter' pictures and scriptures and my dear husband who usually blissfully sleeps every holiday eve away, did a perfect job of making sure Easter baskets were set out and everything just right for the Easter Bunny to make his traditional visit.

Mike appeased my incessant reminders and requests with photos, text messages and phone calls of the morning.  He even arranged for Ellie to have her hair done by our dear neighbor Kari before church, so Ellie didn't have orphan hair contrasting with her beautiful new Easter dress.

I missed our traditional Easter meal, I missed seeing the Snickers trail from the stairs to the baskets, I missed watching our ward choir perform, I missed dyeing eggs.  I missed. I missed. I missed.
(From the looks of it, I'm glad I missed the photo shoot...)

On Easter Sunday, my kids and I joined with Laurie, Steve, Kristin and Emily to do a musical number in Laurie and Steve's ward there.  As all seven of us sang the chorus to the song, the words, "I know He lives..." touched my heart and I knew that really, that is what matters most about Easter Sunday.  Whether or not my little family was together, we know He lives.
And that is Easter.


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