Sunday, May 15, 2011

Same Mistake TWICE

In church every Sunday, Ellie routinely reads the Sacrament Meeting program to see the listings of the upcoming birthdays for the week. With Drew and Joshua's birthdays recently being listed, Ellie has been anxiously awaiting seeing her name in print.

The anticipation this week has been ongoing; "This Sunday my name will be on  'the paper' and they will sing to me in Primary." Ellie has excitedly repeated many, many times.

Well we'll make this story really, really short.
Remember this???
Well it happened again.

Except this time it happened to an almost-seven-year-old girl who has been waiting for weeks for this single event.

I don't know who was trying harder to suppress the tears from falling; me or her.
She was crushed, and I was sad for her, in a way only a mother understands.

And I know, I know, what some of you are thinking!
"What's the big deal?"
Well I'll tell you it is a big deal.  Especially to someone who's birthday is only five days away and who has been counting down the days for close to 364 days.

A birthday is a birthday and if you're going to mention some, you better make sure you mention them all.  It was just the wrong person to have missed.  Skip mine if you have to, but not Ellie's... that's all I'm sayin'.

Happy Birthday Week Ellie!!


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