Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Few Facts

Fact #1
Mike watches very little television. The nightly news and maybe Seinfeld re-runs if he didn't fall asleep during the weather forecast.

Fact #2
For the last 8 years, from January through May, Mike watches television every Wednesday and Thursday night. For five months, our lives and schedules revolve around a television show. American Idol.

Fact #3
Viewership for American Idol is at all-time lows. Even in our own family, everyone has lost interest in the show. Except Mike.

Fact #4
For the past several years, Mike has correctly guessed at least 2-3 of the top 5 contestants during 'Hollywood Week'.

Fact #5
This year is probably Mike's favorite year. He loves. I mean LOVES the last few contestants. (And yes, one of the top 2 he has predicted all along.)

Fact #6
My dear husband works very hard. He is hard to convince to ever take time off of work. Our most frequent arguments for 16 years of marriage are about days off of work (or the lack of).

Fact #7
Neither Mike or I are spontaneous people

Fact #8
Mike is frugal.

Fact #9
Mike rarely takes time off of work.

Fact #10
Did I mention Mike is frugal and favors days at work.

Fact #11
Mike loves American Idol.
Mike LOVES American Idol.

Fact #12
When my brother Casey called to say he has a ticket to the American Idol finale one week away, Mike replied, "I'm going."

Fact #13
A plane ticket to California with one week notice isn't exactly cheap.

Fact #14
This is a very busy time of year for someone in the construction/landscape business.

Fact #15
Mike is at the American Idol finale.

Fact #16
It makes me laugh. Although I think Keith Urban is HOT and I'm mildly jealous Mike will see him in person.

Fact #17
You know those dads you see on videos singing lullabyes and stuff to their children via cell-phones at airports, on the bus, etc? I think Mike should have been a good sport and not selectively "forgotten" this sign (made by Megan) when he left for the airport.

Fact #18
My husband is a nut.


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